This runner does not fully support all test types and has a number of known issues. ./wpt run is a more well-supported runner, see the documentation on running tests.

To run a set of web-platform-tests tests, specify a path value in the Run tests under path field above. Example paths:

Multiple test paths can be specified by separating them with comma or whitespace. For example, /js, /html will run the js and html tests.

Javascript regular expressions are also supported for filtering. When the option is checked, only a test path matching the regex pattern will run. For example, you can specify ^/js/|^/html/ to run the js and html tests.

If the test runner is run online, the set of tests available to run can be found in the test repository.

Tests will run in a new window. For reftests and manual tests it’s best to put that window side-by-side with this one.


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Manual Testing

The current test requires manual result marking. Test and ref should compare


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